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Arvin Lighvani Gmbh

Arvin Lighvani

Arvin Lighvani Trading Company Was Established In 2021 With The Aim Of Providing Commercial And International Trade Services.

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my name is Dr. Ahmad Lighvani, I am the Managing Director of Trading Company Arvin Lighvani GmbH based at Hamburg. After founding my company in 2021, I managed to build up a network that can market products worldwide and conclude corresponding sales contracts. This is what matters most to us for the long-term satisfaction of our customers. I am grateful for this and at the same time see this as a daily challenge


Services of Arvin Lighvani Trading Company

  1. Negotiations and business correspondence to buy goods from abroad and import goods
  2. International transport of goods and services
  3. Customs affairs and customs clearance


Our effort is to create a different, fast, accurate and reliable service.

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With the cooperation of our experienced team, we strive to provide the desired service to our esteemed customers with the best possible quality.


01. Import-Export

Business services, import, export.


02. Shipping services

Types of transportation services by air, land and sea.


03. Customs affairs

After Importing The Goods Into The Country, The Customs Clearance Work Begins.


Happy Clients

Our mission is to provide quality


User Customers

Our mission is to provide quality


Years Exprience

Our mission is to provide quality

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Accommodation In Europe

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