Madrid tourist attractions

History of the city of Madrid

About Madrid You should know that Madrid has less history than other cities in Spain such as Barcelona and Valencia. The artifacts found in this city date back to the 9th century AD. The city of Madrid has been in domination of Muslims for a long time, and one of the most important monuments of Madrid, the Citadel of Medina, was built at that time. Al-Medina was conquered by Alfonso in the following years. In the 15th century, the city was located in a part of Castile bread that is now called Toledo. It was the kingdom at that time. During the wars, the Muslims left and the people of that area built the city of Madrid.

Important tourist attractions of Madrid

Royal Palace (Palacio Real)

This palace is the official residence of the King of Spain, and it is also a place for government celebrations and ceremonies. This palace was built between 1738 and 1755 and King Callus III resided in 1764. This place is one of the tourist attractions of Madrid.

Prado Museum

It is one of the best and most popular art museums in the world. In this museum, a unique collection of masterpieces of Renaissance and Baroque masters can be seen. Among the many works of this museum, we can mention the painting of the worldly pleasure garden by the famous Dutch painter, and the works of the Spanish romantic artist Goya, whose 14 black paintings are among the cultural sources of Spain. The Prado Museum is one of the tourist attractions of Madrid.

Retiro Park

This park is the green heart of Madrid and full of beautiful gardens, located near the Prado Museum. The park belonged to the Spanish royal family until the late nineteenth century, when the park opened its doors to the public. The oldest tree in Madrid was planted in this park in 1633 and with Retiro Park, it is one of the tourist attractions of Madrid. An iron fence protects it.

Sabatini Garden

Sabatini Garden is a lovely and peaceful garden that is very popular in Madrid. Sculptures, fountains, colorful flowers and of course the royal palace can be seen in the background of this wonderful place. In this park, you can sit on the benches for hours and enjoy the scenery around this garden. This garden is another tourist attraction in Madrid.


Mercado San Miguel Market

Madrid Rio

An area along the Manzanarez River in Madrid would be ideal for those looking for skating and cycling. There are shops for drinking and eating delicious food. This place is also great for families and a tourist attraction in Madrid, because children can have fun on the playground of this area, which includes fun games. There is also a beach area for sunbathing and various water features for cooling on hot days.

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

One of the tourist attractions of Madrid and the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is the private stadium of the Real Madrid team. Many tourists travel to Madrid to watch this sports complex.

Reina Sofia Museum

This museum is known as the House of Art of Spain and the most famous works in this museum can be called the works of Picasso known as Guernica. The museum is ready to receive visitors except on Tuesdays and also has suitable amenities for rest and food.

Gran Via

If you want to see the sights of the city, walking on the expensive street or moving is a great idea to start. This street is one of the sights of Madrid and the shopping, culture and entertainment center of Madrid. An energy-rich street that usually runs until dawn. One of the places you see walking down this street is the Great Telephone Building, built in 1928 and a prototype of today’s skyscrapers. Gran Via is another tourist attraction in Madrid.

Puerta Del Sol

Located near the post office building, this large square is a popular meeting place both in the city of Madrid and throughout Spain. Almost all Spaniards know the clock above the post office building because it reminds them of the countdown to New Year’s Eve. There is also a statue of a bear and a tree in this square, which has been one of the symbols of Madrid since the Middle Ages.

Mercado San Miguel Market

The opening date of this market dates back to 1916. This place is not very similar to the daily market and is more like a food market to buy ingredients in Spain, including pepper and saffron. The market has tapas cafes (a kind of Spanish appetizer) and dishes such as Gambas Al Achilles are also served.


Sabatini Garden

Plaza Mayor Square

Another must-see tourist attraction in Madrid is the Plaza Mayor. A beautiful square dating back to the Renaissance, built in the early 1600s. The square is surrounded by three-storey residential buildings and has 9 entrances, and there are several cafes on the lower porches of the building.

El Rastro

On Sundays, the whole city seems to flood Ribera de Coritodores and Plaza Square. On this day, 3500 shops are open and almost anything you want, whether new or second-hand, is sold. This is the cheapest big market in Madrid.